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Restorations, crowns, implants and more

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Prodédures: Restaurations, couronnes, impants, denturologie et plus
Procedures: restorations, crowns, implants, denturology and more


Fillings are done in the best quality composite material to recreate anatomy and function after cleaning out decay.


Cover and protect teeth that have been damaged over time. Recreate the adequate anatomy for perfect function and esthetic.


An implant is the best solution to replace a missing tooth. We use the highest quality titanium implants to transform your bite and your smile.


Wisdom teeth that lack space and fractured teeth need extractions.

Root canals

Necessary to give a damaged tooth a second life

A skilled clinical team

High tech equipment

We believe in always having the latest tools available to us in order to have the best possible diagnosis and treatments.

Over 20 years of experience

Our dentists and hygienists have been actively working since the late 90s and have a tremendous clinical experience.

Full-Service & Safety first

We offer a full range of services with only your best interest at heart.

Friendly & Comforting

At the Bellechasse clinic, we make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable every time you visit us

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